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Tasting notes by the distiller

The nose

Aromas of baking spices, oak spice and raisins.

The palate

Rich mocha, molasses with juicy plum and oak.

The finish

Sweet and spicy with hints of coffee and chocolate.


El Ron Prohibido Solera 15 Gran Reserva

70cl, 40.0%Abv


A solera aged rum from El Ron Prohibido, “The Forbidden Rum”. This complex Mexican rum is distilled from molasses, and the oldest spirit in the bottle is around 15 years old.

Serving Recommendation
How to enjoy.

This rum was aged in a raisin barrel solera. Boasting rich sweet notes it can be sipped over ice.

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El Ron Prohibido 15 Solera has a rich bronze colour.

The number 15 in the name represents the maximum age of the spirit in the solera system.

El Ron Prohibido 15 Solera has a balanced sweetness and makes this rum a pleasure to sip and enjoy the flavour complexities.