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Tasting notes by the distiller

The nose

The initial notes of citrus are ornamented by a developing floral bouquet as well as warm marzipan & spice.

The palate

On your palate is a zest of tangerine with a spicy outlay. The rich whisky makes you reach out to the glass for your next sip.

The finish

Well rounded, complex, long and layered


Made form the pristine waters of Japan

Enso Japanese Blended Whiskey

70cl, 40%Abv


ENSŌ is the Japanese word for Circle.
An ENSŌ is painted in one single brushstroke which cannot be modified later.
ENSŌ symbolizes the same unique values with which Ensō Japanese Whisky has been crafted is supposed to underline that every captured moment is unique and complete in its own way.
Hailing from Kiyokawa, within Kanagawa Prefecture, the whisky itself was distilled in pot stills, and matured in American oak.



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What makes Ensō Japanese Whisky unique?

The Water
Japanese water is clear and free from minerals that interfere with the full expression of whiskey
The Flora
Aged in barrels of Japanese Oak which are more porous. The whisky is sucked into the wood when the barrels expand in the humid Japanese summer, infusing flavour and character. 

The Climate

In Japan, summers are warm & winters extremely cold. These dynamics of temperature fluctuation across 4 distinct seasons give the whisky a deeper and rapid maturation.