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MAYACIEL Tequila Reposado

50cl, 43.0Abv


Experience tequila in all its elegance.

100% ORGANIC. 100% AGAVE.

MAYACIEL are breaking new ground with their Reposado. It is matured for about half a year in carefully toasted oak barrels. However, these are not bourbon barrels as usual, but Caribbean rum barrels.

This preserves the fresh agave aroma wonderfully and adds a fine caramel and vanilla finish.


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Handcrafted in limited batches from the ripest agaves from our own fields, MAYACIEL’s Tequila Reposado is elegantly finished by careful maturation in oak barrels.

This Award Winning Tequila Reposado combines a fine symphony of fresh agave, sweet vanilla and caramel flavours and subtle barrel spice.



Aromas of cooked agave paired with a gentle sweetness of vanilla and caramel.


An aromatic interplay of fresh, floral agave as well as tropical fruits and a subtle Caribbean barrel spice


Elegantly silky and a wonderfully smooth finish.