The Quiet Man Whiskey
Niche Drinks

Shannon’s Irish Liqueurs make all sorts of occasions perfect…
Home alone? Kick-off your shoes, curl up, and treat yourself to a luxurious glass of Shannon’s Brandy Hot Chocolate.

Romantic meal for 2? Indulge the senses with Shannon’s.
Just watching TV together? Make it special with our rich, creamy Brandy Hot Chocolate. Ready in only 45 seconds.

Cold nights, a dram before bedtime. The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey is the first whiskey from Derry in over 100 years. Enjoy the taste of authentic Irish Whiskey.

  • Shannon’s Brandy Hot Chocolate

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  • The Quiet Man 8 YO Irish Malt Whiskey

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  • The Quiet Man Irish Blended Whiskey

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  • Yellaman Honeycomb Vodka Liqueur

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