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Cariel Vanilla Vodka 70cl

70cl, 37.5%Abv


Cariel Vanilla Vodka is undoubtedly the best vanilla vodka you will find.
It is triple distilled from Swedish winter wheat and is flavoured natural vanilla sourced from India and Madagascar.

70cl – 37.5% Abv



Cariel’s sole desire was to create the world’s definitive vanilla vodka. To achieve this, founders Peter Carlson and Fredrik Böhmer spent five years of meticulous research, sourcing, blending and tasting before launching Cariel Vanilla Vodka in 2003.

Cariel Vanilla Vodka is crafted by blending natural spring water with a distillate of Swedish winter wheat and flavoured with natural vanilla sourced from India and Madagascar. This particular combination gives the vodka its signature smooth richness and intensity of flavour.

It’s a luxurious treat sipped neat over ice, simply mixed with cloudy apple juice, and of course the quintessential spirit for the ever-popular Pornstar Martini.

70cl – 37.5% Abv