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A wonderful taste and aroma you won't confuse with anything else!

The only gin with a real handmade juniper wood cap


Junimperium Cherry Edition Gin

70cl, 40%Abv


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Junimperium’s Cherry Edition Gin is an aromatic blend of macerated fresh sour cherries, floral meadowsweet and the world’s finest junipers that merge beautifully into something unique. This combined with coriander, lemon peel, pink peppercorn, orange blossoms, almond and vanilla, makes it a gin that is superb to enjoy neat and perfect for any fresh gin cocktail.

Serving Recommendation

Aromatic Gin & Tonic that gets it’s flavour and colour from the Cherry Edition gin and has extra nuances of fresh thyme.


– 50 ml Junimperium Cherry Edition Gin

– 160 ml Franklin’s Indian Tonic

– A sprig of fresh wild Thyme


  • Fill a large Gin & Tonic glass with ice.
  • Pour in the gin.
  • Add a sprig of thyme.
  • Fill up with tonic.


Tasting notes by the distiller

The nose

An aromatic blend of heavenly cherries. almond and vanilla.

The palate

Fruity, tart cherry with a sweet almond and floral complexity.

The finish

Warming pepper spice with long fruit notes.

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THE STORY – Born from junipers, shaped by passion

The story of junimperium gin started with love for premium quality handcrafted gin, aspiring to create a rare harmony between centuries of traditions and something completely unique. clear idea and vision about our gin along with more than a year of tireless tests and trial distillations with the best juniper berries and one of a kind botanicals led to the dream becoming a reality in early 2019 when junimperium distillery opened its doors.

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