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Tasting notes by the distiller

The nose

Intense juniper berry nose

The palate

Oily, piney juniper, with zesty citrus peels,

The finish

Peppery heat and distinctive herbaceous thyme.


Gin Master Asia 2020


The Spirits Business Gin Master 2020



An intense gin with high alcohol content

Born at latitude 59°26’

Junimperium Navy Strength Gin

70cl, 59.26%Abv


4x200ml Tonic Water for FREE

Recently awarded Junimperium Navy Strength gin is a very unique offer in the market by its complexity and higher alcohol content.

The gin gets its might from its birthplace, Tallinn, located at latitude 59°26’and inspired by the coastal capital`s maritime history. It is based on juniper heavy blended dry gin, offering rich flavour and further complemented with a dash of strength and intense citrus notes.


Serving Recommendation

A classic Gin & Tonic with with a uniquely strong juniper flavor and crispy citrus note, complemented by a fresh touch of aromatic lemon.

– 40 ml Junimperium Navy Strength Gin
– 160 ml Fever Tree Indian Tonic
– 2 Thin lemon wedge
– 6-7 juniper berries

Fill a large Gin & Tonic glass with ice.
Pour in the gin.

Add a lemon wedge, some sprigs of fresh thyme and 6-7 juniper berries.
Fill up with ¾ bottle of tonic.

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THE STORY – Born from junipers, shaped by passion

The story of Junimperium Gin started with the love for premium quality handcrafted gin! The team wanted to create a gin using traditional methods, and for it to taste completely unique!

They had a clear idea and vision about their first gin, with more than a year of tireless tests and trial distillations! These were done with the best juniper berries and interesting botanicals. This led to their dream becoming a reality in early 2019 when Junimperium Distillery opened its doors! They are the only gin brand using these, and you won’t be able to resist the wonderful scent when you open your bottle!

Junimperium Cocktails

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