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Arran Distillery The Bothy Quarter Cask

70cl, 56.2%Abv


Inspired by the Isle of Arran’s illicit whisky trade in the 18th and 19th centuries, Quarter Cask ‘The Bothy’ is a single malt, bottled at natural cask strength for an intensely rich and satisfying dram.

70cl – 56.2% Abv

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Small, easily transportable whisky casks were a common feature of Arran’s former illicit distilling past.
Smugglers in the past used stone built hideaway’s called a “bothy”on remote hillsides to keep their whisky hidden from the “excise man”

Reflecting this heritage, The Bothy Quarter Cask goes through an unusual cask maturation, and is initially aged in ex-bourbon barrels before transfer to smaller ‘quarter’ casks, which intensifies the maturation process and adds an extra dimension of spice.

70cl – 56.2% Abv