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Tasting notes by the distiller

The nose

Its alcohol level enhances a smooth flavour with lemon peels and pine notes

The palate

The slight liquorice sweetness enhances the citrus and spiced sensations

The finish

Long and fresh feeling with lemon notes


the world’s first ‘super premium’ gin

It has consistently won more awards for excellence in the world’s leading spirit competitions than any other gin in the last 15 years.

Martin Miller’s Original Gin

70cl, 40.0%Abv


A modern classic dry gin based on the best traditions of English distillers but with our own twist to obtain the perfectly balanced gin. A gin that ‘tasted of gin’ in the words of Martin Miller. Unconventional English Distillation of the finest botanicals, blended with the purest Icelandic water. Is it Madness or Genius?

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Martin Miller’s Original Gin is pot distilled using two separate distillations of the very best earthy and citrus-based botanicals. This imparts its unique balance of citrus and juniper.


The final distillate is blended to strength using Icelandic spring water. It emerges in a state so pure that there is no need to artificially demineralize or distil it, giving the gin its gentle bouquet and trademark sensation.